Artist Profile: Timo Fahler

Being an artist affords opportunities for social engagement that can be utilized, rejected, or exploited in the worst case. Timo Fahler (b. Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an artist who believes that artists are cultural reporters, in that there is a certain level of responsibility inherent in the practice of art making to identify and transmit meaning…

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The Pink Art Project: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

It is a testament to our One River team and community that they love the concept of combining art education with such an important mission.  We get to raise money and awareness AND teach young artists how to use their creative voices to make a difference. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we have three really…

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Arts Education Art School

Michael Mahalchick and Material Magic

Michael Mahalchick is a man of mystery, an icon of the downtown milieu who has one foot in art, one foot in performance and a third foot in dance. He is represented by Canada on the Lower East Side, and has had a solo museum exhibition at the New Britain Museum of American Art in…

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Careers in the arts

Careers in the Arts

One of the greatest things about growing One River is the opportunity to provide ambitious career opportunities for people who have a passion for the arts. Today, One River employs almost 150 full and part time professionals nationally and by the end of 2019 that number will more than double. In some ways we are an oxymoron…entrepreneurial…

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Artist Spotlight – Eric Hibit

Anti chromophobia and pure decadence: The paintings of Eric Hibit. In David Batchelor’s book, chromophobia – he writes about the fear of color in western philosophy and art criticism. Bright colors, he asserts have been viewed as primitive and not civilized – even wild and dangerous. Color he writes, also speaks of the cosmetic, the…

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Special Exhibitions Curated by Jesse Greenberg

At One River, we celebrate artists and we celebrate art making. That means we teach what is current in our classrooms and focus on sharing through the lens of living artists. It also means that we mount compelling art exhibitions in our spaces so people in our communities can engage with contemporary art and learn…

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Artist Statements

When I think about an artist statement, frankly I cringe. Memories of failed attempts in undergrad and graduate school make me think of all the time I thought I could adequately put my work into fluid and knowable terms. I now feel confident in how to write and speak about my work – but this…

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Tips for a Sunday Painter: Part Two

It was because of visiting the trails around the State Line Look Out in the Alpine, NJ Palisades that my Sunday painting practice took center stage in my work. Even though I was born near the Hudson Palisades, I had never visited the state park until I had lived in Brooklyn for over ten years….

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Inspiring Artists One River School

The Inspiration of Artists

I was sitting at home yesterday reflecting on what I should write about for Monday Thoughts, when I stumbled on a story on Flipboard called “the most amazing photo ever taken from a commercial airplane”. The story which you can read here, was published in Inc Magazine and demonstrated not just an amazing photograph or…

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Art Materials

Building An Image

I have never been an artist that works in one method and with one medium. For years I grappled with this, thinking it was an inadequacy. I now realize, it is my strength and that the reality is, very rarely artists work in a 1 to 1 method. I think being able to be flexible…

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