Tang Museum Art Education

The Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College

My wife and I spent the weekend visiting my son Jason at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. I don’t know how we got here, but my boy is on the precipice of turning 21 and his maturation into his adult self makes me so proud. Skidmore has had a lot to do with it and…

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Emerging Art Education

Emilie Stark-Menneg – Artist Spotlight

I met Emilie Stark-Menneg two years ago via instagram. We connected because of mutual friends and a shared appreciate of painting, color and making absurd images. Following several exchanges online we arranged a meeting to do a studio visit. Emilie and her Mom, Maggie – an artist as well – showed up to do a…

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breast cancer awareness art education

Support Breast Cancer Awareness and Own This Incredible Limited Edition Print

We are so excited to partner with the incredible artist Liz Luisada to offer her exclusive limited edition print to our One River community. The print costs $150 and all net proceeds support Bright Pink, a leading non-profit that creates awareness for breast cancer. Liz took part in our “Pink Art Project” and made the…

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Live Life Fully

When you think about what it means to Live Life Fully, what comes to mind for you? The truth is, we all answer this differently. I have some “Monday Thoughts” for you that might create some perspective. When we are young, we have so much space in our hearts and minds to stay in the…

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Alexander Ross

What if the seeds of Surrealism took root in nature? The answer seems to lie in the paintings and drawings of artist Alexander Ross. Ross keeps a studio in the home he shares with the artist and occasional collaborator, Susan Jennings, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The house has a bit of an air of a…

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Warren Isensee, Les Halles, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 60 by 60 inches

Warren Isensee – Artist Spotlight

“Symmetry invokes spirituality.” Warren Isensee in a conversation with the author, September 2018 “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:14   (KJV) —- When considering the work of abstract artist Warren Isensee, one’s first inclination is to study the formal…

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One River School West Coast Style

Earlier this year we opened our first school in the Portland, Oregon area. When we opened, I sent my team to help launch the business and last week I finally made it there in person! Lake Oswego, OR is a bucolic suburb “one river” south of Portland and our franchise partner, David Kabaker, has built…

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Infinite Space Drawing

Here’s a fun project that will allow you to explore new ways of understanding both the illusion of space, inexorably grappled with by artists throughout history, and the inherent flatness of your paper’s surface. These two ideas collide (or reach a peaceful harmony) below. And attempting to draw the impossible (something not visible) will allow…

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Artist Profile: Timo Fahler

Being an artist affords opportunities for social engagement that can be utilized, rejected, or exploited in the worst case. Timo Fahler (b. Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an artist who believes that artists are cultural reporters, in that there is a certain level of responsibility inherent in the practice of art making to identify and transmit meaning…

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The Pink Art Project: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

It is a testament to our One River team and community that they love the concept of combining art education with such an important mission.  We get to raise money and awareness AND teach young artists how to use their creative voices to make a difference. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we have three really…

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