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Looking At Art

By Riad Miah / June 21, 2019

In the world of social media and the internet, one can see hundreds if not thousands of works of art online. We sift through hundreds of years’ worth of art through clicks and swipes, but in the end, are we really seeing and understanding how and what they are communicating? When we look at a…

The Continuum of Drawing

By Catherine Haggarty / April 24, 2019

Artist: Amanda Nedham Title: Bullseye target: I’ll draw you a fly 1 of 25 Medium: Graphite Dimension: 8×10 Year: 2019 Exhibition: Field Projects Drawing has been a topic I have been practicing, lecturing and writing about for years. I am currently teaching a course designed to traverse both Art Theory and Art History of Drawing…

Painting on Paper as a Form of Drawing

By Riad Miah / December 8, 2018

What are the benefits of working on paper? Can painting on paper be a kind of drawing? Working on paper has a certain liberation to it, one does not have to be precious with it. Working on paper allows me to work through a process. The thought process reveals itself differently. Because of the casualness…

Cynthia Carlson’s Grid Books – Unleashing Creativity with Shackles

By Melissa Brown / November 19, 2018

One might make the mistake of thinking that the flames of creativity are fanned by open-endedness, ultimate freedom, no rules, starting from scratch, tossing out the baby with the bathwater, bulldozing the metropolis so as to construct another one in its place according to a subconscious dreamscape, embodying your inner child, dragging your knuckles and…

Drawing on the Edge

By John O'Connor / October 26, 2018

One of my most vivid memories of drawing is from when I was five years old. I was on the cusp of kindergarten, and my mother took me to my future classroom to meet my teacher before school started. My teacher, Mrs. Eagen, gave me some paper and colored pencils. She asked me to draw…

Infinite Space Drawing

By John O'Connor / September 27, 2018

Here’s a fun project that will allow you to explore new ways of understanding both the illusion of space, inexorably grappled with by artists throughout history, and the inherent flatness of your paper’s surface. These two ideas collide (or reach a peaceful harmony) below. And attempting to draw the impossible (something not visible) will allow…

Artist Statements

By Catherine Haggarty / September 5, 2018

When I think about an artist statement, frankly I cringe. Memories of failed attempts in undergrad and graduate school make me think of all the time I thought I could adequately put my work into fluid and knowable terms. I now feel confident in how to write and speak about my work – but this…

Tips for a Sunday Painter: Part Two

By Melissa Brown / August 30, 2018

It was because of visiting the trails around the State Line Look Out in the Alpine, NJ Palisades that my Sunday painting practice took center stage in my work. Even though I was born near the Hudson Palisades, I had never visited the state park until I had lived in Brooklyn for over ten years.…

Building An Image

By Catherine Haggarty / August 20, 2018
Art Materials

I have never been an artist that works in one method and with one medium. For years I grappled with this, thinking it was an inadequacy. I now realize, it is my strength and that the reality is, very rarely artists work in a 1 to 1 method. I think being able to be flexible…

Tips for a Sunday Painter

By Melissa Brown / July 28, 2018
Tip For Sunday Painter Melissa Brown One River School

Neither of my parents are artists, nor any of my extended family. There were no artists from generations past to which my artistic interests were compared, no inherited traits from a creative Aunt Clara. When I was a kid in the 80’s my father was working as an accountant. And yet…. despite his identification as…