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Cameron Welch – One River School
2019 Emerging Art Award

By Riad Miah / May 23, 2019

At the beginning of May, for those of us who teach, we being the final weeks of the academic semester. We bid farewell to the BFA and MFA candidates who are about to embark on one of the toughest and most gratifying assignment: life as artists. Elsewhere in the art world commercial galleries and professional…

Teaching Best Practices

By Riad Miah / March 29, 2019
One River Jobs Careers

In the world of jobs that an artist can occupy while maintaining a steady career and studio practice, teaching is one of the best possibilities of employment. Educating is by far one of the most positive and enriching experiences an individual can have, in addition to the focused, self-employed role. As a professor of art,…

Your First Exhibition

By Matt Ross / January 14, 2019

This past Saturday, I went to our Millburn, NJ school to be a part of their first student show. Late morning before the opening, I ran into an adorable little girl who was searching for her artwork among a sea of objects. I could tell she was sad and I was committed to helping her…

Artist-Run Spaces

By Anne Marie Taylor / August 7, 2018
Artist-Run Spaces

In Los Angeles, there seems to be new artist-run spaces popping up every day in unconventional places: a car, a garage, a garden, an elevator, and an occupied apartment, for examples. The desire to share work and make use of one’s own resources is an artist’s forte, and the added freedom to explore exhibition making…

Picking the Brush Up: Jeanne Andrzejewski

By Jonathan Stafford / May 1, 2018

Jeanne Andrzejewski first heard of One River School of Art + Design in Frisco, TX during the fall of 2017. Andrzejewski’s background has always been art, in fact, her parents recognized her need to create at an early age. However, she was hesitant to start painting again. “I have been taking art classes since I…

One River School Spotlight: Jonathan Stafford

By Jonathan Stafford / April 27, 2018

Jonathan Stafford joined the One River School corporate team back in August 2017 as the Marketing Coordinator in Englewood, NJ. Originally from Poughkeepsie, NY, Jonathan had an interest in art from a young age, taking multiple photography classes and having his work featured in the US Capitol as part of the Congressional Art Competition. This…

The Art of the Studio Visit

By Catherine Haggarty / April 25, 2018

I know studio visits are very important – being an artist and a curator this is a huge part of my schedule and my life. Getting a studio visit can be tough, particularly from a gallery you like or an art dealer you want to work with. It is possible to get your art heroes…

One River Spotlight: Kristin Stazzone

By Jonathan Stafford / April 11, 2018

Kristin Stazzone grew up in Tewksbury, a small town in central New Jersey. She graduated from High Point University in North Carolina in 2016 with a B.A in Studio Art and minor in Events Management. In late January of 2018, she started working at One River as an Assistant Director for our new Millburn location which…

Hot Mud Arts and Music Festival

By Jesse Greenberg / April 7, 2018

In April of 2017 I closed my gallery, 247365 in the Lower East Side. High rent and a falling art market pushed our modest operation to an end. This story was common and happening to many of our peers galleries all over the city, so I didn’t feel alone. Though there was an upset feeling…

One River Spotlight: Claire Widman

By Jonathan Stafford / March 31, 2018

As far back as Claire Widman can remember, drawing was her passion. Growing up in Mohegan Lake, NY, drawing was her way of “opening doors into friendships”. As a child, art was part of her “identity,” both inside and outside of the classroom. Widman went on to receive her Bachelor of Science degree from Sacred…