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Meet Corianne Darienzo, Assistant Director of One River Allendale

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One of the primary goals in building One River is to make our company the best place to work in the arts.  And, we have been so lucky to find talented and caring people to deliver our experience.  I recently decided to share a bit more about some of the people who work here and today I am introducing you to Corianne Darienzo.

Corianne started as a Teacher Assistant in our Englewood, NJ location and is now an Assistant Director in Allendale, NJ, having also worked full time in Hartsdale, NY.  Corianne has a BFA in Animation and Illustration from Montclair State and is passionate about providing a great educational experience and thoughtful customer service.

I asked Corianne a few questions about her experience here that I want to share with you:

What is it about One River that makes working here special?

The connections we make with students and the way we facilitate connections amongst our students.

Have you had an Aha moment at One River? 

During my first-year teaching here, I had a Kindergarten student who told me she was being bullied at her primary school.  This little girl was different…she was quirky, smart and unique.  While I spent time teaching her art, I made sure that she felt comfortable amongst her peers and confident in her own skin.  She went home and told her Mom about me and her Mom called me to express how grateful she was that we could teach, connect and build trust with her daughter, while also providing a safe place for her daughter to be comfortable and grow.

What do you like about our One River Summer Camps?

They are hands on, students are fully engaged, they work on unique projects and generate individualized outcomes.  This is what One River is about… compelling learning and fun.

Which camps would you like to take if you could?

  • Dragon Creations K-5
  • Teen Digital Posters for Change

Click here to find these camps in your local One River School.