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Art Inspired

By Matt Ross / November 11, 2012

I’m art inspired.  Don’t know how I got there but I look at art now and hear music.  When I was younger like a lot of us I would obsessively listen to music for hours on end.  What I didn’t know is that what seemed so basic…this love for sound…was something that was really rooted…

Trenton Doyle Hancock Exhibition Opens Thursday At James Cohan

By Matt Ross / November 5, 2012

We have been following him for years and recently saw his work at Frieze in May.  Hancock is one of the most interesting artists out there…his colors, narrative and stories suck you.  in Check it out. His Art 21piece: James Cohan Gallery Monday, November 5, 2012

Storm Thoughts

By Matt Ross / November 5, 2012

Not sure I had to look the definition for the term “storm”, but given what we went through I thought I would see what Mr. Wikipedia had to say: “A storm (Proto-Germanic *sturmaz “noise, tumult”) is any disturbed state of an astronomical body’s atmosphere, especially affecting its surface, and strongly implying severe weather.”  Well, not exactly how I would…

ART EFFECT… What’s This All About???

By Matt Ross / November 3, 2012

Our first student exhibition is going to happen at the end of the year and we are calling it Art Effect.    For the first time at One River, our students begin the task of creating art with the goal in mind of sharing it publicly with others. It is my belief that we should periodically…

Art In The Park!!!

By Matt Ross / July 29, 2012

One River rocked the Englewood Sidewalk Sale with street artist Eric Inkala created an amazing mural and Nik Rael laying down some acoustic music.  What a day…new students enrolling in the program and a new vibe beginning to take shape in Englewood, NJ Sunday, July 29, 2012

Italy In The House! Boetti At MOMA.

By Matt Ross / July 3, 2012

This is the largest presentation outside of Italy of works by Italian artist Alighiero Boetti (1940–1994) to date. Working in his hometown of Turin in the early 1960s amidst a close community of artists that included Luciano Fabro, Mario Merz, Giulio Paolini, and Michelangelo Pistoletto, among others, Boetti established himself as one of the leading…

Hurry To See Haring

By Matt Ross / June 13, 2012

One month left to see one of the coolest shows you will ever see.  Brooklyn Museum has done a beautiful job curating the work of Keith Haring and giving us a sense of time and purpose through their exhibition. Keith Haring: 1978–1982 is the first large-scale exhibition to explore the early career of one of the…

Bushwick Is On Fire!!!

By Matt Ross / June 4, 2012

Sometime in the future, we will look at the changes that occurred in Brooklyn around the turn of the 21st that continue through today as a watershed moment in art history.  Bushwick Open Studios was the past weekend and hundreds if not thousands of artists opened their spaces and their streets to people from all…