Introducing “ART SESSIONS” for Adults

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Introducing “ART SESSIONS” for Adults

For six years we have been studying the impact art making has on adults and there is no doubt that we have made a difference. Having said that, we are about to launch a revolutionary new art program for adult students of all levels called ART SESSIONS that is simply more fun, more convenient and more compelling.


Art-making can be intimidating if the lessons are not right for your level. Our two-hour “workshop” style sessions allow for you to select your level, work among similar students and enjoy the proper balance of “demo” and “doing”… we make sure you are learning at the right pace, building skills and having fun all at the same time


Art Sessions functions just like your yoga or spin class memberships. You purchase passes (“sessions”) and you redeem them by selecting classes from our weekly menu. This allows our sessions to fit your schedule as opposed to you having to fit our schedule


We have written proprietary lesson plans that teach drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media. You select the medium and subject matter … we provide all the materials in a turnkey experience that has never been offered before

I hope that you will try ART SESSIONS. Bring your friend or spouse. This is a movement for me and I am guaranteeing a dynamic experience that becomes part of your core personal life plan. I believe that much in what we do and the unique flavor and importance of this program.

Look for more information about ART SESSIONS online.