How often do you look at contemporary art?

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When I started One River, in addition to teaching in our classrooms, I wanted our schools to show work from contemporary artists so that anyone walking in our doors could view something current and compelling. I felt strongly that this would allow us to extend our educational process so that people in our local communities could have a frequent experience engaging with art.

We have built a very thoughtful approach to art education that also celebrates contemporary art by writing lessons plans that teach “through the lens of living artists”. This combination of sharing what is relevant in our galleries and exploring what is educational in our studios is a wonderfully balanced approach and has allowed us to become “the voice of contemporary art” in the communities we serve

Stop in to our schools and look at what we are showing. You don’t have to be expert at this, just take the time to engage and feel what you are seeing. Our world moves so fast that the mindfulness you generate by spending one solitary minute staring at just one painting will calm you and teach you new ways to engage your senses. If you love what you see, we also help these artists by facilitating the placement of their work.

I share it with you because I believe that some of the most compelling things are easily accessible if you know where to look. Take a look at the exhibitions at One River School.