Live Life Fully

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When you think about what it means to Live Life Fully, what comes to mind for you? The truth is, we all answer this differently. I have some “Monday Thoughts” for you that might create some perspective.

When we are young, we have so much space in our hearts and minds to stay in the present, try new things and have fun. As we age, our priorities change, the stress and demands always grow, the complexity gets greater and we become the opposite: stuck in our ways, worried about everything and rarely having fun.

Maybe the recipe is not to look for the most ambitious thing we can do to prove that we are living life to the fullest. Maybe it is as simple as feeding our minds and souls with experiences that make us more calm, happier, smarter and more connected with others. This combination will create a more thoughtful and fruitful life.

This is why I have created One River. Sure, we get kids coming here in droves and I love helping them become smarter, more creative and more engaged with others. But, I am also interested in how we help change adult lives by providing fun art experiences that are convenient and affordable.

Challenge yourself to think differently…do something creative…it is essential and not weird! Maya Angelou said: “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”.

I wish I said that one first!