Special Exhibitions Curated by Jesse Greenberg

Caitlin MacBride
Caitlin MacBride

At One River, we celebrate artists and we celebrate art making. That means we teach what is current in our classrooms and focus on sharing through the lens of living artists. It also means that we mount compelling art exhibitions in our spaces so people in our communities can engage with contemporary art and learn to collect and support living artists.

This week we feature the opening of our first multi-site exhibition curated by the amazing Jesse Greenberg. Our five New York area locations in Westchester and New Jersey will be treated to five separate and compelling presentations featuring some of the most exciting contemporary artists in the world. Check it out here.

Jesse Greenberg has a vantage point that I simply admire and respect. First of all, he is one of the most interesting emerging artists in the world who will have his own solo show in January at the Derek Eller Gallery in New York. Jesse runs JAG projects which is a roving curatorial venture and he is the former Founder of 247365 Gallery…a New York based gallery that established itself as a tastemaker for the most innovative emerging artists.

I am thrilled to share Jesse’s work across a multi-school program. This is the first of what may be a new method for exhibiting art across our national network of schools. And, it allows me to do what I love most…supporting living artists and helping to teach others about contemporary art.