Turning Back Time

By Matt Ross / August 13, 2018

I was sitting in my basement yesterday afternoon watching Tiger Woods do something that was absolutely staggering.  He had his best final round ever in a major and finished second in the PGA Championship.  Woods, who is 41 and has endured four back surgeries and four knee surgeries, turned back time yesterday and made me…

Art Savvy

By Matt Ross / August 6, 2018
Tip For Sunday Painter Melissa Brown One River School

What does it take to develop art savvy? Loaded question. Read Art Savvy!!! We started a blog at OneRiverSchool.com that features professionally written stories about artists and art-making, culture and art collecting. Art Savvy blog contributors are among the most compelling artists and writers in the space and I am so proud to have them…

The Joy of Sharing

By Matt Ross / July 30, 2018

Look at this photo. Need I say more? This past Friday I caught these proud Moms reflecting on the artwork their daughters made last week and I couldn’t help but to be moved by the joy on their faces. For six years I have been talking about the “Joy of Doing” and I constantly sneak…

Summer Vacation

By Matt Ross / July 23, 2018
Art Education Transform One River

According to Wikipedia, the concept of summer vacation in America is tied to our root as an agrarian society. The farming calendar determined the school calendar and the 2-3 month break between planting and harvesting created the summer break. This traditional calendar continues through today and undoubtedly as we approach the end of July, summer…

Creativity = Quality of Life

By Matt Ross / July 16, 2018

Ok, so I am gonna let the cat out of the bag…I am writing a book. Yes, I have stumbled on the fact that I love to write and sharing thoughts every Monday is just a small part of it. The funny thing is I never really thought of myself as a writer and part of the…

Studio Prompts – Get out of the studio!

By Catherine Haggarty / July 12, 2018

As much as I can offer any advice in the studio to my students – I do. Some of the ideas and advice come from formal critiques of materials and paint application, while some come from conceptual ideas and how they can be better executed. Although all of these formal and conceptual prompts matter, so…

Our Summer Camps Rock!

By Matt Ross / July 9, 2018
One River Creative Summer Art Camps

When I started One River, I always envisioned that we would develop great summer camps that would allow Teens and Kids to have a fun and really cool experience learning contemporary art and other creative concepts that they didn’t have access to anywhere else. We succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. This summer we are teaching thousand of…

Clown Smile

By Matt Ross / June 26, 2018
Art Savvy One River School Art Education

Sometimes my wife accuses me of having a clown smile. Although it is not the most attractive description, I am aware of the turned up corners my mouth makes when I smile ear to ear. This past Saturday, I was clown smile in full bloom. One of our newest schools, located in Larchmont, NY, held…

Is Ambition a Curse?

By Matt Ross / June 18, 2018

That’s a loaded question. For me, it is a blessing and a curse and no matter how I slice it I guess I am fortunate for having a need to be successful. But, it comes at some sacrifice. For the last seven years I have been building One River, and I feel grateful for having…


By Matt Ross / June 11, 2018

For the first twenty years of my career, I never quite fit into the perfect box in my corporate life. As a result, my success almost always came down to fit, not talent. And the question was: To what degree did I fit the corporate culture and to what extent did the corporate culture fit…