Live Life Fully

By Matt Ross / October 8, 2018

When you think about what it means to Live Life Fully, what comes to mind for you? The truth is, we all answer this differently. I have some “Monday Thoughts” for you that might create some perspective. When we are young, we have so much space in our hearts and minds to stay in the…

One River School West Coast Style

By Matt Ross / October 1, 2018

Earlier this year we opened our first school in the Portland, Oregon area. When we opened, I sent my team to help launch the business and last week I finally made it there in person! Lake Oswego, OR is a bucolic suburb “one river” south of Portland and our franchise partner, David Kabaker, has built…

The Pink Art Project: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

By Matt Ross / September 24, 2018

It is a testament to our One River team and community that they love the concept of combining art education with such an important mission.  We get to raise money and awareness AND teach young artists how to use their creative voices to make a difference. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we have three really…

Careers in the Arts

By Matt Ross / September 17, 2018
Careers in the arts

One of the greatest things about growing One River is the opportunity to provide ambitious career opportunities for people who have a passion for the arts. Today, One River employs almost 150 full and part time professionals nationally and by the end of 2019 that number will more than double. In some ways we are an oxymoron…entrepreneurial…

Special Exhibitions Curated by Jesse Greenberg

By Matt Ross / September 10, 2018

At One River, we celebrate artists and we celebrate art making. That means we teach what is current in our classrooms and focus on sharing through the lens of living artists. It also means that we mount compelling art exhibitions in our spaces so people in our communities can engage with contemporary art and learn…

The Inspiration of Artists

By Matt Ross / August 27, 2018
Inspiring Artists One River School

I was sitting at home yesterday reflecting on what I should write about for Monday Thoughts, when I stumbled on a story on Flipboard called “the most amazing photo ever taken from a commercial airplane”. The story which you can read here, was published in Inc Magazine and demonstrated not just an amazing photograph or…

Turning Back Time

By Matt Ross / August 13, 2018

I was sitting in my basement yesterday afternoon watching Tiger Woods do something that was absolutely staggering.  He had his best final round ever in a major and finished second in the PGA Championship.  Woods, who is 41 and has endured four back surgeries and four knee surgeries, turned back time yesterday and made me…

Art Savvy

By Matt Ross / August 6, 2018
Tip For Sunday Painter Melissa Brown One River School

What does it take to develop art savvy? Loaded question. Read Art Savvy!!! We started a blog at that features professionally written stories about artists and art-making, culture and art collecting. Art Savvy blog contributors are among the most compelling artists and writers in the space and I am so proud to have them…

The Joy of Sharing

By Matt Ross / July 30, 2018

Look at this photo. Need I say more? This past Friday I caught these proud Moms reflecting on the artwork their daughters made last week and I couldn’t help but to be moved by the joy on their faces. For six years I have been talking about the “Joy of Doing” and I constantly sneak…

Summer Vacation

By Matt Ross / July 23, 2018
Art Education Transform One River

According to Wikipedia, the concept of summer vacation in America is tied to our root as an agrarian society. The farming calendar determined the school calendar and the 2-3 month break between planting and harvesting created the summer break. This traditional calendar continues through today and undoubtedly as we approach the end of July, summer…