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Picking the Brush Up: Jeanne Andrzejewski


Jeanne Andrzejewski first heard of One River School of Art + Design in Frisco, TX during the fall of 2017. Andrzejewski’s background has always been art, in fact, her parents recognized her need to create at an early age. However, she was hesitant to start painting again.

“I have been taking art classes since I was in kindergarten,” she said. “Watercolor classes at 9 and oils at 10 (acrylics hadn’t been invented yet!)” she added. After Andrzejewski graduated from high school, she took a two-month art study tour of Europe and then became a fine art major at college. Andrzejewski has entered several juried shows and continued to take classes for many years. Additionally, she makes jewelry, sew and embroider.

Her journey with One River School began when her husband gifted her a membership for Christmas.

“I started in February of 2018 in the adult shuffle class. It was a tenuous start as I was pretty rusty! We had two instructors that day, Antwinette (the School’s Director of Education) was one of them. She could see I was stressed and was so wonderful with helping me to focus and relax,” said Andrzejewski.

At the moment, Andrzejewski’s interest lean towards abstracts and mixed media. “I find most of my inspiration from nature and use my own photographs for ideas to paint,” she said.


Frisco, TX is a fast-growing area, and while it is super child friendly, Andrzejewski explained that “the grown-ups need outlets too”. The school has been a “much-needed addition to our adult community here,” she said. Taking classes at One River has allowed Andrzejewski to received feedback from artists and suggestions from instructors.

“I really appreciate going to class,” said Andrzejewski. “One River allows me to express myself artistically in a very positive environment. It is an ‘artistic comfort zone!’”


*All photos of artwork were provided by Andrzejewski*