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One River Spotlight: Kristin Stazzone


Kristin Stazzone grew up in Tewksbury, a small town in central New Jersey. She graduated from High Point University in North Carolina in 2016 with a B.A in Studio Art and minor in Events Management. In late January of 2018, she started working at One River as an Assistant Director for our new Millburn location which opens next week!

Stazzone grew up in a home that was always creating. She credits her Mom for always pushing her to get involved in programs that pertained to art. “I took my first serious oil painting class in 5th grade at my local middle school and fell in love with it,” said Stazzone. Continuing her studies with an art focus allowed Stazzone to develop skills that she implements into her work ethic at One River. “In college Art History taught me the importance of the artistic masters. In our studio courses my professors stressed the importance of relevant contemporary artists of today. I learned to appreciate contemporary art which transitioned seamlessly into my everyday work at One River,” said Stazzone.

Prior to the Millburn location opening, Stazzone has been working at both the Englewood and Allendale schools to train with their teams. When asked about what she is most looking forward to, Stazzone is explained she is excited to see all of the faces of students that will make up the school. “Everyone in the Millburn and surrounding areas have been eagerly waiting for our programs to start, saying ‘there is nothing else like it!’”

Stazzone mentioned her position at One River is different than her past positions because she is able to see the transformative nature the art programs be a part of that effect on students’ lives. “My favorite aspect of the work I do is being able to market the school to people who truly have an appreciation for the arts. I am part of a team that creates a community who is going to make an impact in transforming art education,” said Stazzone.

As an Assistant Director, Stazzone is responsible for the school’s marketing, community outreach, and event planning. Additionally, she will be teaching a few studio art classes. She works mostly in acrylic and oil paint, which explains why some of her favorite artists include Alyssa Monks, Alexa Meade, and Brett Amory. “They all have a unique style and voice that inspires me to keep creating,” said Stazzone.

Outside of One River, Stazzone and her two friends from college started a T-Shirt Company (Charitee). “We design positive graphic tees and apparel in which 10% of the proceeds are donated to non-profits. I get the chance to give back and volunteer all while still having a creative outlet,” said Stazzone.

She explained the culture of One River School is one that is both positive and inspiring. “People can come and feel comfortable to try something new or expand upon something they already have a passion for,” said Stazzone. “From contemporary art exhibits, to state of the art facilities and a caring staff, One River is the place students want to come and be inspired to create,” said Stazzone.