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One River School Spotlight: Zoe DeJesus


Zoe DeJesus joined One River School of Art + Design team in May of 2017 as an Assistant Director at the Englewood, NJ location. She graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where she received her bachelor’s degree in theatre arts and communications. As an Assistant Director, one of her main responsibilities is membership coordination, “I make sure all our current students and parents are getting the most out of their experience at One River,” said DeJesus. Additionally, she assists in curating the school’s social media presence, organizing gallery exhibitions, and will teach classes when needed.

To me, One River is transforming art education because it welcomes and encourages students of all skill levels to take art classes that are challenging and complex, but still fun.” Students at One River explore all forms of media and contemporary art, which she mentioned “they otherwise might never come across.”

She grew up mostly in the suburban area of New Jersey, which she mentioned can feel “a bit isolating for a creative person”. However, she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in art. Some of her earliest memories include performing songs and dancing, or drawing under tables. DeJesus was exposed to art throughout her childhood; she credits her mom for always encouraging her to read and explore all kinds of art forms. Outside of One River, she makes her own art such has drawing and painting, “I really enjoy making digital artworks. I also do a bit of theater and film acting,” said DeJesus.

One of Zoe’s favorite aspects of her role is the Artist Talk event, “I think the exposure to these contemporary, working artists will have a lasting impact. It’s something I wish I had access to as a kid,” she says.

As One River continues to grow substantially over the next five years, she’s excited to see creative opportunities extend to states nationwide. Additionally, she hopes they will have the ability to one day provide art education for lower income communities.

“There is a huge emphasis on the significance of contemporary art and the importance of art-making, which is very special,” said DeJesus.