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Behind The Canvas: Isabella Pineda


Isabella Pineda is an Art Effect, Teen Art Shuffle Plus student and a teaching assistant at One River School in Englewood, New Jersey. She is seventeen and grew up in Palisades Park, NJ. She began taking classes at One River over a year and a half ago. “I would always see One River on my way home from school and one day decided to look into it,” said Pineda.

The Art Effect program at Englewood features our Advanced Teen Art students who have demonstrated both their commitment and talent to excelling in our program.  Teen Art Shuffle Plus is one of the advanced classes offered at One River School. Pineda expressed that both classes are great, and have expanded her abilities as an artist.

“Art Shuffle Plus has helped me improve my technical skills and it’s very fun making projects inspired by great artists. Art Effect, on the other hand, has really driven me to work as my own artist and find my own styles which can be driven mostly by emotion. I’ve grown a lot as an artist in many ways from both classes,” said Pineda.

Pineda works mostly in painting and drawing. “I get my inspiration from my daily life and nature. I use a lot of color in my pieces so anything colorful or interesting I see throughout my day inspires me,” said Pineda. When she isn’t in the classroom creating her work, she is a teaching assistant. “I help set up the supplies we will be using that day and support the younger kids classes with their projects. I really enjoy knowing that in some way I can be helping these kids grow their love of art,” said Pineda.

During her time thus far at One River, one of her greatest memories are all the people she interacts with on a daily basis. “Being able to talk with other students that love making art as much as I do is amazing,” said Pineda. Her experience at One River is something that the School is immensely proud of and continuously working towards ensuring.

“I’ve always seen One River as a very open, accepting environment with talented students and teachers, which makes it the perfect environment to make amazing art,” said Pineda. We’re excited to follow along Isabella’s journey at One River and continue to be a place for people to have a creative space and make something special in the process.

All photos courtesy of Isabella Pineda