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“The Best Place to Work in the Arts”

One River Corporate Staff: Katie Enna Hobson and Agnes Zabawa
One River Corporate Staff: Katie Enna Hobson and Agnes Zabawa

One River School of Art + Design is changing the landscape for careers in the visual arts.

Working in the arts is often misrepresented; the stigma that artists, and those who are passionate about art education, aren’t able to find a “real” career has been broken. Over the past five years, One River has enabled hundreds of working artists, art educators, and business managers with the opportunity to turn their passion into their career. One River has created compelling jobs for those who are just breaking into the art world, and those who have dedicated years to their craft.


Matt Ross and Matthew Phillips

Now, with four schools up and running, and five more on the way in early 2018, One River truly is becoming to be “the best place to work in the arts”. Each school diligently works to provide best-in-class instructors who will teach the next generation of artists in communities across the nation. Not only does One River employ working artists, but those in the arts business and management who are more interested in the operations aspect. Our corporate staff is compiled with careers in the areas of strategy and development, marketing, communications and operations.

Often, careers in the arts are strayed away from due to its infamous reputation that it’s not feasible to live off of, but One River provides its employees with compensation that allows them to continue their practice, benefits, and healthcare. We’re creating compelling careers that allow artists and art educators the platform to continue their career in the arts.

As One River continues to open more schools over the next several years, it will become the largest network of art schools in the country- that means opportunities for artists in communities all over the nation. One River takes pride in its ability to provide a community of students who are eager to learn, but also that it allows art lovers jobs in their field.

Currently, One River has locations open in Englewood and Allendale, NJ and Frisco, TX. and our most recent opening last week in Larchmont, NY. Next month, the second Westchester County school will open in Hartsdale. In April, a third New Jersey school in Millburn will be opening. Franchise schools in Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois will open its doors as well in the spring.

One River Corporate Staff: Katie Enna Hobson and Agnes Zabawa

It’s exciting to announce the new opportunities that come along with these locations and to see the impact One River has on its communities. Not only is One River becoming “the best place to work in the arts,” but it’s “transforming art education” simultaneously. To find new employment positions in communities nationwide, visit One River’s career site.