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About the Education Industry

The education services industry is large and growing, and isn’t showing any signs of stopping. In fact, it’s estimated that, nationally, the industry employs 3.5 million people! When prospective investors think about educational services for K-12 students, they often imagine SAT tutoring, or one-on-one help with difficult subjects. However, Franchise Help — the world's largest independent franchise information resource — points out that opportunities abound in a number of fields. Parents are always looking for ways to encourage their children, nurture their talents, and find them productive activities to take part in after school and over the summer. One River School of Art and Design is a popular option among parents and students alike.


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Franchise Help also notes that the industry isn’t dominated by large corporations: “… the industry is largely fragmented – the fifty largest companies represent just 30% of the total revenue in the industry.” This fragmentation means that there is plenty of opportunity for newcomers to get in on the action.

One River School of Art and Design also falls neatly into the afterschool education industry. Worth around $23 billion and growing steadily, it’s clear that there’s a demand for afterschool and summer programs that teach students valuable skills, and parents are willing to pay for them. There are a few possible reasons why these programs have become so in-demand.

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs have become more popular than ever as more schools emphasize these subjects. However, the definition of STEM is evolving. Many colleges now seek out applicants with a great STEAM background, looking for the additional “A” for “arts.” Parents are looking for a way to provide their children with a well-rounded education, and One River picks up where public schools may fall short.

Similarly, our afterschool programs support students who are interested in career and technical education (CTE). Today’s public schools are also working to strengthen CTE programs, especially their technical aspects. However, art plays an important role in CTE. In fact, one of the largest CTE clubs, the Technology Student Association (TSA), features competitions related to art and design. Even competitions that are seemingly unrelated to art, such as biotechnology design, are strengthened by students with an arts background. Students who wish to participate in clubs like TSA, or pursue CTE-related careers, may find themselves at a disadvantage if they haven’t received high-quality art education. Parents love that One River School of Art and Design can enhance their students’ knowledge and performance in a wide range of subjects.

These are just a few potential reasons for the popularity of afterschool education programs like ours, and for the continued growth of the industry.

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