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Why Henry Gunderson’s Work Will Surprise You

By Jesse Greenberg / March 2, 2018

Henry Gunderson’s paintings will always surprise you. He switches up his styles with each new body of work. From what looks like an assembly of instruction manuals of nonsensical parts to sneakers filled in with microcosms of objects, his work is always painted with remarkable skill. It is always done by hand, in acrylic and…

Alan Prazniak’s World and the Worlds He Paints

By Matt Ross / February 28, 2018

This past fall, I started to see Alan Prazniak’s paintings in many of the Instagram feeds that I follow and I couldn’t help but notice how much substance was packed into these small paintings. The works, all of which are oil on linen, are densely packed with color and imagery that provide a journey into…

Five Contemporary Art Books to Spark Your Creativity

By Amanda Cirocco / February 27, 2018

It’s no secret that reading and art-making provide health benefits for our overall mental health. Luckily, there’s a huge market and demand for contemporary art books. Reading books about art allows other ways of thinking, new theory concepts, understanding different views and critique. Whether you’re at a road block or interested in reading a different…

Artist Spotlight: David Altmejd

By Jesse Greenberg / February 20, 2018

David Altmejd’s work is hard to describe if you’ve never seen it, because there’s really nothing to compare it with. Altmejd’s (pronounced Alt-medg) work spans across many scales and materials. No matter the scale, the work is always based on an all-encompassing vessel, sometimes a figures head, whether human, animal or fantastical beast, or a…

Artist Profile: Adam Handler

By Catherine Haggarty / February 16, 2018

Last year, while scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon the work of Adam Handler and was intrigued to follow along.  His paintings are physical, haptic, colorful and almost primitive. His language in painting does not appear academic – although he did study Art and Art History at SUNY Purchase. His inspirations for his work stem…

Dawn Clements’ Drawings

By John O'Connor / February 12, 2018

I’ve shown Dawn Clements’ work to students for years, and upon first sight someone will invariably ask me why she leaves so much paper “blank”. This is a perfectly reasonable question when one is used to looking at drawing in the usual ways, but Dawn Clements’ drawings are anything but usual. Seeing one of her…