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Moving to His Own Beat: Jesse Greenberg

Push Fat 1 (in Purple Bath), 2014
urethane resin
25.5 x 19.25 inches
Push Fat 1 (in Purple Bath), 2014 urethane resin 25.5 x 19.25 inches

There is no question that artists move to a different beat. Jesse Greenberg’s beat happens to be smarter and more interesting than most. When you meet Jesse for the first time you instantly like him, but you aren’t struck with the immediate notion that Jesse is a sculptor. He presents in a multitude of ways that make you think: writer, technology executive, entrepreneur, social advocate and an artist. In some ways, this chameleon-like first impression carries forward into real life, as well as his art practice.

Coral Bath Black, 2014 urethane resin
21.5 x 16 inches
54.6 x 40.6 cm

Jesse is a graduate of RISD who also holds an MFA from Columbia. He has been making and showing some of the coolest sculptures and mixed media objects you will ever see.  They are other-worldly in form, structure, material and style, and I was instantly drawn to their individuality. While researching a bit more about Jesse, I found out he grew up in New Jersey (bonus) and was deeply committed to playing a multivariate role in the art world. Jesse ran a very influential emerging art gallery called 247365 for the last three years, while also curating independently through his JAG Projects, showing work at Derek Eller Gallery and at various other places internationally. Jesse loves having his hands in multiple ways in the art world. He also has become an important friend, peer, mentor and advisor to so many Brooklyn-based artists who are fighting the battle to make it in the space.

Map 3, 2016 resin, pigment 50 x 30 inches

It’s plain and simple­– Jesse is a maker.  There is a complete authenticity to his artwork. It is smart, weird and loveable; he is among the brightest and most compelling young artists out there today. Every young artist is searching to find their magic– the thing that will undoubtedly set them apart from the rest. When you see sculptors at work, it becomes even more interesting because materials are being created in the context of creating the object. This is the scientist in the work, and it’s one of the things I love most about Jesse’s approach and outcomes.

Coral Bath Orange, 2014 urethane resin
21.5 x 16 inches
54.6 x 40.6 cm

He has a show coming up this year in New York at Derek Eller and I won’t miss it.   One River is also blessed because Jesse is a contributing writer for this blog– Art Savvy. Dig in and follow Jesse Greenberg. Enjoy the beauty and the weirdness all rolled up in one. I am a big believer.