Artist Profile: Timo Fahler

By Anne Marie Taylor / September 25, 2018

Being an artist affords opportunities for social engagement that can be utilized, rejected, or exploited in the worst case. Timo Fahler (b. Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an artist who believes that artists are cultural reporters, in that there is a certain level of responsibility inherent in the practice of art making to identify and transmit meaning…

Artist-Run Spaces

By Anne Marie Taylor / August 7, 2018
Artist-Run Spaces

In Los Angeles, there seems to be new artist-run spaces popping up every day in unconventional places: a car, a garage, a garden, an elevator, and an occupied apartment, for examples. The desire to share work and make use of one’s own resources is an artist’s forte, and the added freedom to explore exhibition making…

Condo New York

By Anne Marie Taylor / July 18, 2018
Condo New York - Anne Marie Taylor Art Education

A Collaborative exhibition in New York from June 29 – July 27, 2018 Over the last few years, gallery sharing has become a more common practice among galleries across the world. Brick and mortar galleries will either rent to or “host” another, trade places with or collaborate on an exhibition with a gallery from a…