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Red Grooms Makes Me Smile


Last week I had a chance to visit the Marlborough Gallery in New York and it was such a refreshing moment.  The exhibition on display is a survey of work from the iconic 83-year-old Red Grooms and it was just what I needed to feel a moment of joy in and for my hometown New York City.  Take a look at the work here.

According to the press release, “For over six decades, Red Grooms has embraced all things New York and served as a major chronicler of its famously frenetic lifestyle. Always vibrant, inventive, and witty, Red has reinforced the pride that New Yorkers have for their city. As somewhat of an outsider—originally from Nashville, with early sojourns to Provincetown and Chicago—Grooms has been able to clearly witness what makes the city so unique.  Red Grooms was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1937 and has lived and worked in New York since 1957. Grooms emerged in the early sixties as a practitioner of performance art, indie film, and happenings at the dawn of Pop Art.”

Notwithstanding the challenges New York has faced over the last year, I am certain that the city will return to its form over the next year or two.  Having spent an afternoon around Red Groom’s sensational visions of life in New York, I already feel the vibe happening for me.