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Say Hello to One River Clark!

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This weekend we opened a brand-new location in Clark, NJ. We signed this lease 15 months ago and I’m so proud of our team and our ability to fight through all the challenges we faced to get these doors open today!

What makes it even more special for me is we share a building with School of Rock, a company that I helped to build as CEO and one that I remain involved with as a franchisee and partner. We have now created the most profound location for creative education in Union County, New Jersey and a space that will motivate people of all ages to reengage with the world and explore the benefits of creative education across art / design and music.

Our new school is led by two amazing women who have been important to our business. Our Director, Kristen Stazzone comes to Clark from our Millburn, NJ location and Taylor Sestito has been part of our full-time staff in Englewood. Both of these women embody the true spirit of One River…they are smart, likeable, caring, hard-working and super creative…I am proud to have them with us and growing through this new endeavor.

One River Clark is flowing…..visit their website today!