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What is Your Hobby?

Every week I share some “Monday Thoughts” to try to add context around what we do at One River but to also pique your interest in the importance of investing time in things that are not considered “work”. The term “hobby” is defined as an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure and people clearly come to One River to fulfill their interest in artmaking and creativity.

This past weekend I sat down to have some coffee and as I was reading the “Smarter Living” section of The Times, I stumbled on a story by Tara Parker-Pope titled: “How to Find A Hobby”. You can read the story here, and it is clear to me that Tara and I are simpatico. I often talk about the fact that we play as kids and feed our kids everything, but don’t do enough to invest in our growth, leisure and interests outside of work and parenting. And, for most of us who try things, we often don’t stick with them long enough to fight through the frustrating learning curves.

As Tara suggests in her story, you can have fun AND also reduce your stress, sleep better, become happier and healthier by adding hobbies to your schedule. Take an art class…garden, ski, bake, etc.…do something that broadens your life and takes your brain in a different direction and I am certain you will appreciate how important these times become as you grow and age.

Here’s my new “3H” Formula: Have Hobby = Have Health + Have Happiness