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Digital Art and Design

Olivia Lai - Teen Digital Art Shuffle
Olivia Lai - Teen Digital Art Shuffle

I saw this digital artwork in one of our schools last week and it just inspired me.  My curiosity for art and design education led me to open One River seven years ago and I am convinced that there has never been in a time in our history where creative thinking has translated into a real competitive advantage in business and life until now.  Just think about the global shift over the last 50 years from a purely manufacturing economy to a white-collar economy and what is at the root of it?  The digital environment that drives all of it.

Today, designers and artists who work in the digital space are in massive demand and this demand is projected to grow across the next few decades.  And, One River is at the forefront of providing digital art and design classes and camps for kids and teens. Our goal as always is to make it fun and generate compelling outcomes.  This combination of goals allows us to make sure that students cultivate a real joy for the process and as a result, they will apply themselves harder.

I am so inspired to continue to push One River to develop more programs in the digital arena.  We are testing pre college programs in art and design in NJ, working with Adobe to bring world class continuing education to adults and developing new initiatives that allow us to push the boundaries on what we can provide our consumers.

Learn to think differently…and maybe fly away with new confidence.