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Do You Love Art? Turn Your Passion into a Career

Artist's collection at showroom

Opening an art and craft franchise with One River School of Art and Design is a great way to start a new career in art education. Our franchisees don’t need to have any professional experience as artists or educators. However, if you’re passionate about art and design, we think your enthusiasm will be a valuable asset as you grow your new business. Let’s learn more about starting a career in art education.

One River Schools of Art and Design Enrich Communities

If you’re passionate about art, chances are you’re looking for a way to spread the love. We’re on the same page! While our schools fill the gap that’s left when public schools slash art budgets, we’re looking to provide students with an inspirational, hands-on experience that’s a cut above anything they could receive elsewhere. Our students learn from real experts who are enthusiastic about the mediums and processes they teach. They learn a variety of skills that will help them to express themselves and their ideas in a number of real-life situations. Students are often given the opportunity to display the best of their work in one of our art shows, helping to engage the community with your art and craft franchise, and empowering students to create.

No Experience Needed

Many of our prospective franchisees are interested in art but have little professional experience in the industry. We’ve developed a comprehensive training program and simple business model that make it easy for franchisees to jump in and take control of their new art and craft franchise. Our proprietary educational programs and business tools have already been proven effective in our existing locations. We teach our franchisees the ins and outs of running a One River School of Art and Design and provide them with time-tested strategies to recruit and retain customers. We want our franchisees to succeed, so we work with them step-by-step to get their new business up and running as effectively as possible.

A Well-Established Art and Craft Franchise

If you’re thinking of breaking into the art education industry, you might be tempted to go it alone. However, investing in an art and craft franchise with One River School of Art and Design comes with many benefits. Not only will you receive access to the resources described above, you’ll operate under our highly-regarded brand name. Our schools have been acclaimed by The New York Times, Parade Magazine, Franchise Times, Artsy, and many other publications. Students across The United States have already seen what we have to offer. As our concept grows, more and more people are becoming familiar with who we are and what we do. This recognition is a benefit to our franchisees