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“Transforming Art Education” One Franchise at a Time

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Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Starting an art school might just be the fun and fulfilling investment you’ve been seeking. It’s no secret that arts education isn’t a funding priority in America’s public schools. As art isn’t always tested on standardized exams, many schools choose to focus on subjects that are tested such as English and math. However, artistic skills are valuable even for students who don’t intend to be artists, and many families are looking for a way to supplement their childrens’ arts education. That’s where One River art class franchises come in!

A Unique and Fun Approach

Our franchisees offer quality art classes, summer programs, and afterschool activities to the K-12 students in their communities. Our customers choose from a range of available programs to find the ones that will benefit their students. Drawing, painting, computer-aided illustration, and sculpting are just a few of the skills our students can master. The art shows we put on give our students the opportunity to showcase their work while engaging with the community on a broader level. Our emphasis on living artists teaches students to engage with art in today’s world, and frames art as a living, breathing, evolving concept – not just a part of history. We teach our franchisees how to provide clients with just the services they’re looking for in an engaging environment with amazing teachers.

Franchisees from All Walks of Life

Our art class franchise stands out because we welcome franchisees from just about any background. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to break back into the workforce or an investor looking to diversify your holdings, our franchise program offers the training and support you need to learn the ins and outs of this business. We’ve already developed a highly-effective business model – all you need to do is implement it! If you’re looking for a way to promote the arts in your community, starting an art school with One River Franchise is a great option.

Teaching Students Transferrable Skills

One River Schools of Art and Design don’t just attract students who are set on becoming artists. To the contrary, it’s well-established that an arts education can help students develop in many other areas. Critical thinking, creativity, and visual mapping are skills that can be useful in contexts such as engineering, computing, mathematics, communication, and many more. Parents are always looking for ways to help support their students’ learning, and our art class franchises are the perfect extracurricular for fun and growth. As a One River School of Art and Design franchise owner, you’ll be providing valuable and in-demand services to the families in your community.

These are just a few of the reasons that One River School of Art and Design is transforming art education one franchise at a time. To learn more about starting an art school, visit our website today.