Teaching Through the Lens of Living Artists

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A few weeks ago, I sat for an interview with Steve Adubato. Steve has a program titled Caucus on NJ TV and it airs throughout the state of New Jersey on PBS stations. I had a chance to talk a little bit about why we do what we do and thought that he asked me some profound questions that I haven’t been asked before. It’s about 10 minutes long and you could watch here.

When people ask me to describe One River, there are a handful of phrases that come to mind. One of the things I tell people is that we “celebrate artmaking” as a way of really honoring the importance of learning art and design as a developmentally important requirement for people of all ages. Another phrase I use is that we “celebrate artists” and that means we focus a lot of our curriculum on “teaching through the lens of living artists”

When I was a kid, very simply, all important artists were dead. Today, there are two million working artists in America and these people live among us and show their work in galleries, museums and alternative spaces. At One River School, we honor these people by writing lesson plans about them, doing exhibitions with them and creating context for the art of today. They are vital to the cultural development of our society and for that reason it is an honor to do what we do for them.

PS: This past weekend, we opened our 10th location in Woodbury, Long Island. Our space is wonderfully adorned with an exhibition of artwork from Emily Noelle Lambert and we are thrilled to honor her and to bring our program to people “one river east” of NYC. Check out some photos here.