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Your First Exhibition

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This past Saturday, I went to our Millburn, NJ school to be a part of their first student show. Late morning before the opening, I ran into an adorable little girl who was searching for her artwork among a sea of objects. I could tell she was sad and I was committed to helping her find it.

We walked through the space with her parent in hand and sure enough I heard her yell out: “ I found it!” We had created a separate group of works that we wanted to showcase from students of all ages and there it was. I pulled her aside and whispered: “this is where the special work is” and you have never seen a face light up like this. I had to share it with you.

All of our schools are having student exhibitions and it is an important time. You write a song…you go play it live. You practice basketball…you go play a game. You make an artwork…you hang it and share it. And, you reflect on what went into creating it. You also get to see you peer’s work and reflect on the cool community that you are part of.

One River is community of educators and students who celebrate these things. And, sometimes it’s your first exhibition and it turns into a special celebration.