Art Savvy

Tip For Sunday Painter Melissa Brown One River School
Chichen Itza, Mexico, Oil on Panel, 2017

What does it take to develop art savvy? Loaded question. Read Art Savvy!!!

We started a blog at that features professionally written stories about artists and art-making, culture and art collecting. Art Savvy blog contributors are among the most compelling artists and writers in the space and I am so proud to have them aboard with us. The cool image above was made by Melissa Brown . . . read her recent post called “Tips for a Sunday Painter” here.

When I decided to throw my whole body into understanding contemporary art I took six courses, read 35 books and scoured everything I could online and in person. Most people don’t have that obsessive need…nor will they look to launch an art school :). But, almost everyone that knocks on our door is curious about learning more and hopeful that they can find a place that makes contemporary art easy to understand without all the superfluous “artspeak”.

Our blog contributors are all renown artists, curators and writers who are making important contributions within the contemporary art world. I am thrilled to have assembled the following team: Melissa Brown, John O’Connor, Jesse Greenberg, Catherine Haggarty and Anne Marie Taylor, and I anticipate adding more compelling writers in the Fall.

Please treat yourself to some quiet departure from cable news, Facebook and lesser important distractions and spend some time with Art Savvy. It is a wonderful site that is just beginning to find its voice as a champion for contemporary art in America.

Let me know your thoughts.