Grand Opening of One River School Evanston, IL


This Saturday marks an important moment for One River: our first Chicago area school opens in Evanston, IL.  Seven years ago, when I was dreaming about opening up One River, I felt that we could build something that would expand all around the United States. Our first school in the Midwest checks off another box in our expansion and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Named after a local farmer John Evans in 1854, Evanston was created to support and remains the home of the world re-known Northwestern University. The community is tailor-made for what we do: it is culturally rich and really supportive of the arts. We have access to great teaching talent there and have already built an impressive staff. Our facility is super-hot!  Built from scratch with a soaring ceiling and an amazing gallery, the space will provide a wonderful vessel for the kind of aspirational and fun classes that we will be rolling out. People we are on game here!

This weekend we are doing free workshops and celebrating the spirit that we hope to provide on a sustaining basis. I am going to be onsite flying the flag and helping the team with the maiden voyage. Every time we open a new school, we have to earn new trust and build credibility with a new consumer base, and I love the task of getting to know people, listening to what motivates them and sharing our nuanced approached to art and design education.

Art is undervalued in America.  We talk about the importance of art education but the attention almost always shifts to math and science for kids or yoga and exercise for adults. Nothing is more important than growing the grey matter in your head. Creative thinking and doing is the recipe and the thousands of students across our system will attest the fun and inspiring program we have created.

A couple of months ago our team from Evanston flew to New Jersey for training and I am telling you we are so lucky.  Christina and Claire are perfectly positioned to lead our business and drive an incredible educational experience.  In a short window of time, I could see why they were chosen to launch this school, and I am certain that they will win over the community.

Here we go Evanston!  Lincoln Square is next and the Greater Chicago Metro after that. We want everyone to get off Twitter, turn off the TV, put the video games down, disconnect and dial into yourself.  Come see what we are doing in Evanston!