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Ortega y Gasset Projects Celebrates its Five-Year Anniversary

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On June 2, Ortega y Gasset Projects will celebrate its five-year anniversary! I will be celebrating my three-year anniversary as a Co-Director and couldn’t be more excited and proud to be a part of this organization. Ortega y Gasset was founded in 2013 in Bushwick and in 2015, moved to The Old American Can Factory.

This year was a big year for OyG in many ways. We officially became a Non-Profit, and we received reviews in Art in America and The New York Times, as well as hosted our first artist in residence, Padma Rajendran, the winner from our Open Call in in 2017.

Ortega y Gasset Projets – casually known as OyG,  is run by nine artists from all around the country such as New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland (OR), and Wassaic, New York. We run the space with the freedom fiscally to take chances and not with just one central curatorial ideology in mind. This proves to encourage shows that are brave with forward-thinking curatorial installation decisions leading the way.

Every Director is welcome to curate whomever they wish when their time comes for their show. In this way, we have a fluid and constant changing program that promotes a culture rich in diversity and taps into our broad geographical reach. We run our program through bi-weekly conference calls and a steady stream of emails, slack channels, and Google Docs. It is not easy by any means, but it is so worth it.

I now can’t imagine my art life without OyG – like many artists, I feel stretched thin but the opportunities to learn from my colleagues at OyG has shown it’s worth the time and money we all invest. There is no shortage of strong artist-run galleries in New York and beyond, and I am thankful to be a part of one that is leading the way. What is unique and important about artist-run galleries today is that they afford true opportunities for artists at all levels.

With us, there is no pretense and no agenda other than curating strong shows and allowing artistic freedom to both the curator and the artist. With many middle tier galleries being priced out, artist-run galleries are stepping up and filling many gaps underneath the mega galleries that to most, seem unattainable. Instead of waiting for acceptance and safety, we are creating opportunities for others and cultivating an art culture we feel is needed.

I encourage you to follow along with Ortega y Gasset Projects. Our space is located on the ground floor of The Old American Can Factory. Our weekend hours are 1-6pm Saturday and Sunday and by appointment.

Strange Business, Rose Nestler
Curated by Zahar Vacks and Catherine Haggarty

About Looking, Matt Phillips and Travis Fairclough
Curated by Catherine Haggarty

Current Directors:

Eleanna Anagnos | Clare Britt | Catherine Haggarty | Eric Hibit | Will Hutnick | Leeza Meksin | Sarah Rushford | Zahar Vaks | Lauren Whearty