Todd Shelton Clothing– the Best Jeans Made for You

Photo by Aaron Houston
Photo by Aaron Houston

I love entrepreneurs, and I love when their product is authentic and solves a basic problem. OK, I am about to share a commercial message, but it really does come from the heart, and you may really be interested so please follow along.

A few years ago, I was wondering why I pay so much money for jeans. Usually when I wear jeans they don’t even fit well. They are almost always uncomfortable in the worst places (if you know what I mean). I went to the Internet and decided that I wanted to find someone who can make jeans for my deformed bubble butt, high waist, and bow-legs which is not an easy task. And there he was– Todd Shelton.

This young, smart entrepreneur is a really thoughtful guy who has built a solid business. He makes clothes that are made to fit at the same price you will pay at your high-end retailer. Shelton is from Tennessee and soulful as they come, working hard as can be right here in East Rutherford, NJ. Every time I see Todd, I feel like telling people about him and I continue to do so. This time I wanted to give him an extra-large shout out.

I assure you there is nothing in this for me, other than the true joy I get out of helping people. Todd is an artist with a commitment to making people happy by helping them look and feel better. You can get clothes made for you without having to do so in-person. Check it out, you will write me and tell me thank you, I promise.