Monday Thoughts: Train Your Brain

BrainTraining (1)

Over the last ten years, I have put my heart and soul into building arts education businesses that provide compelling and fun ways for people to develop their creative skills. Along the way, I have learned so much about how humans think and the pure benefits of doing artistic things for our brain development.

Countless studies today point to new learnings in neuroplasticity- the ability to create new growth within the brain itself. The fact is that when I was a kid, we were taught that once you hit a certain age, the brain would stop growing and that it would be hard to learn new things.

“All of our behaviors change our brain” says Dr. Lara Boyd. In this TEDx talk from 2015, Dr. Boyd shares her observations about the how much we can do to improve our memory and the basic performance of our brain functioning.

In today’s complicated world, we are constantly thinking about school as a pathway to vocation, so much that we are continuing to strip away arts and music programs from basic curricula. This just doesn’t make sense. Athletes who play football don’t just play football, they train their bodies in the gym and do countless exercises that help them perform when they are on the field. As a society, we are constantly faced with challenges of critical thinking and problem solving and art education builds the muscles to help tackle a variety of tasks in a more effective way.

We are finally living in a day and age where we are coming to terms with the challenges of modern day life and the complexity of sorting through it all. Go take a class; challenge yourself to do something that is out of your comfort zone.

Your brain will love you for it.