Monday Thoughts: Welcome to Art Savvy


Art Savvy provides us with the chance to advocate on a worldwide level by writing thoughtful posts about artists and sharing fun art lessons online. We are also using this platform to talk about the health & wellness benefits of doing creative things. Additionally, we will be sharing cool stories about our people, events and students at One River.

We are also blessed to have some of the most compelling emerging artists writing for us, and I am grateful for their contributions already. Their real-world experience as artists adds tremendous flavor and context for helping our readers to develop more “Art Savvy”. Their flavor will be really appreciated by not only novices, but people with advanced art training.

I started One River School to “celebrate artists and art-making”. The goal, which still remains, is to be the most fun, authentic place to learn art and to create context for the art of today. Art Savvy provides another point of view in our broader goal to support art in America by “connecting community with art culture”. Very simply, more people need to invest in themselves by doing creating things. We also must invest in supporting artists who make our world a more interesting and compelling place to live.

I invite you to regularly visit, read and share stories at Art Savvy