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One Year


We are all sorting through reflections of the last year and it is such a profound moment that is woven in so many complex emotions.  As the Founder of One River, I have so much respect for the challenges that small business owners have had to face…exactly one year ago yesterday, we closed our schools and everything that we had worked hard to build was immediately in jeopardy.

Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, famously said: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”   Notwithstanding the business challenges we and many others have faced, we have been dealing with life and death, so at some baseline level I am quite grateful that more of us are getting vaccinated and prepared to move beyond the health concerns that I and so many others have faced.  At the same time, I do believe that this quote applies to business and life and the resilience that we have all had to summon will make us stronger going forward.

One River School thrives on the commitment of a passionate group of professionals who simply care about providing a unique creative experience in the communities we serve.  We believe that we add dynamically to our student’s growth / quality of life and we remain ever grateful for your confidence and support.  Our team has used the last year to re-evaluate everything we do with the goal of providing the most transformative experience possible.  If you have never tried our service, or you were with us in the past, I am personally inviting you to give us another try.  If you need economic support, contact me directly.

Wellness…Mindfulness…Growth…Happiness…these are all outcomes of creative development and as we move away from the horror of the last year, I urge you to carve some time into your calendar to let your brain travel to a different place one river away.