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Great Art Changes You


There is something about the human brain that I find fascinating.  As a lover of music, I have been profoundly moved throughout my life by the simple act of listening to a song. There is no question that there is a chemical experience that connects the ear to the brain and this wiring ultimately filters through your heart and your soul.

The same thing can occur with visual art, but your brain has to be open to it.  The experience of viewing is different from listening.  Having said that, since we are all trying to calm our brains and find a way to escape the noise of the world, I highly recommend you work at letting your eyes “listen” a bit more.  There is also significant research around the therapeutic benefits of viewing art.

This past weekend, I went to see one of my favorite artists, Raúl de Nieves, who has a current show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami.  His imagery, stories, materials and maker sensibility are profoundly unique and I have been fortunate to get to know Raul and develop a deeper understanding of the motivation behind his artwork.  Artists like Raul tap into my curiosity and I find myself moved to view, share, teach and help them connect with a broader world.

My brain can’t get enough of this visual music. 😄