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The Allure of Summer

Amy Lincoln. Veranda Sunlight, 2016 36x48
Acrylic on panel
Amy Lincoln. Veranda Sunlight, 2016 36x48 Acrylic on panel

When I was a kid, my family spent our summers in the Catskill Mountains in New York State. My days were spent at camp and the nights and weekends with friends and family. We weren’t rich and this wasn’t fancy, but it was so important to me that every year as summer approached, my excitement grew because I had a chance to pivot from the monotony of day-to-day life.

As February turns into March, I find myself daydreaming a bit about summer, but I am not dwelling on summers past. I am thinking hard about this summer, how to embrace a time that will allow us to have a collective moment to escape some of the sharp challenges of the past year, while allowing us to participate in a variety of activities that we have had to pause on.

Last summer, we taught thousands of people in our Summer Camps at One River and that experience taught me as much as anything to date about the role we play in people’s lives. It was Creative, Social and Safe and for many students, we were their first social experience in months. I will never forget what it was like to reopen our schools and to help our communities fight through the fear at that time. Our summer camp programs are now live online and you can see our schedule here.

I am not suggesting that we won’t have to be careful and that all of our challenges will be behind us this summer. But, I am suggesting that we start to think about the allure of summer and hopefully One River can help make it special for you.