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Southfork Sunset

I took the picture above during a weekend this past June at my friend’s home on the North Fork of Long Island. It was the first time I had spent any time away from my house since March and I was reflecting on how this beautiful moment was in such stark contrast with the challenges of that time. I also remember thinking how lucky I was to be alive and healthy, and how strongly I felt that we would come out of this madness with a greater sense of what really mattered. Optimism is something that comes naturally to me but I am deeply aware how hard it is to manufacture that feeling right now.

Today, we are faced with a cataclysmic week / month / year of uncertainty. No matter what happens with Covid, the election or anything else of real significance, the battle remains in our own heads. Despite what is going on, the question is: how do we wake up and set a daily course in motion that is made up of the right choices driving the right outcomes. Choices … outcomes. This happens to be a mantra that I think about all the time, but if you can sprinkle some optimism into the recipe, you just may add the ingredient that allows you to find the joy in life no matter how difficult things become.

Artists put this mantra to work every day and I am a grateful to provide a service at One River that allows people of all ages a chance to use artmaking as an elixir to feeling better. One River was built to be a place for people to step away from their intrusive thoughts and set their brain in a different direction. The process of artmaking frees you up to think differently, solve problems, let go, relax, share, learn grow, evolve.

Artmaking & Optimism…they go hand in hand.