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Art Pods at One River School


When I think of the word “pod”, it takes me back to my childhood and watching the Jetsons fly around in a little capsule. Now I hear the word every day and never before in my lifetime has a pod or “self contained unit” become a more practical and comforting thought as we move into fall and try to navigate the crazy circumstances that Covid has brought us.

The pod concept has made its way to One River. Art Pods are small group classes with cohorts of students that are created by our customers. Teens, Kids or Adults. You bring the group…we reserve the time (morning, day, afternoon or evening) and deliver the experience using our unique curriculum and method and the highest safety standards possible.

Given the ongoing at-home learning that will exist in the fall and winter, Art Pods are just another way to provide your kids or yourself an experience that is Creative…Social…and Safe.

 Learn more about our Art Pods here or call your school to get more information.