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The Meditative Power of Artmaking

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For the last ten years, I have immersed myself into understanding Contemporary Art from a number of different vantage points. As the operator of a network of art schools and a patron and supporter of artists, I have had a first hand look at people in “the process of doing” and this is the most fascinating thing of all to me.

The decisions artists make, regardless of age or skill level, often represents an intuitive and personal perspective that is unique to them. I often stand by and quietly watch and I find myself amazed at how people navigate their way. But, what amazes me even more and has inspired me to connect what we do with more people is the unbelievably meditative experience and benefits artmaking yields when people start to find their groove.

I took the photo above of an adult student in our Woodbury location and she didn’t even know I was there. Getting lost in doing something soulful is the essence of the creative process and now more than ever, I urge you to try this or try something else that provides a new outlet for you. And, if you find a rhythm and start to develop a visual language of your own, you may even be able to capture that meditative peace. Take a look at the Instagram page of one of my favorite artists Dominico Zindato…breathtakingly peaceful.

Draw…Paint…Create…Escape…the meditative power of artmaking is real.