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Creative. Social. Safe.


It has been profoundly interesting to me to view the human experience through the lens of a pandemic.  Notwithstanding all the variables we have to consider, one of the most profound remains: “how do small businesses survive and hopefully thrive going forward?”

One of the earliest lessons I learned in business was a simple one:

  1. Tell People What You are Going to Do
  2. Do It Really Well
  3. Share What Occurred

We are now a few weeks into teaching small capacity camps and classes and the overwhelming response has been phenomenal.  We continue to offer in-studio options and online options so people could choose what makes them feel most comfortable.  And, our staff has done a flawless job executing the safety standards that has now given me real hope that we will persevere and that One River can share valuable experiences with others about operating in a pandemic.

Take a look at some of these photos from our Street Art Camp from our school in Englewood, NJ or a comprehensive walkthrough exhibition from our school in Evanston, IL.

We are passionate about “transforming art education” and this experience is undeniably one of the most gratifying and challenging ones that we will ever face.

I am so grateful for our students, their families, our staff and partners.

Thanks to all for your support.