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A Special Group of People

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While great uncertainty remains as a result of Covid 19, there is one basic fact that is grounded in complete certainty.  We have some of the most spirited, thoughtful and caring professionals working here at One River and I am honored to manage a company that has assembled such a special group of people.

Today, we reopen the balance of our schools in the New York metropolitan area that closed in the middle of March.  Notwithstanding the overwhelming challenges we faced, I am so proud of the work we have done to create a compelling online class experience and to launch a blend of online and in studio camps for teens and kids.

Customers always take the time to tell me that “you hire the nicest people” and I have always really appreciated the importance of how customers feel when they walk in the door.  Well, I have another description for our team today: Resilient.  Everyone who works at One River has shown the capacity to overcome enormous challenges and for this I will be forever grateful.

Our team doesn’t work for accolades…they do what they do because they love our purpose…the challenge of teaching art and digital design and helping people to develop their creative spirit.  But I wanted to publicly acknowledge all of them and ask you to join me in appreciation for this special group of people.