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Providing Gratitude Through Art

MT Hero Project

Every day, I think about how we could provide a great educational experience AND also allow our students to use their creative capacity to send a message to the world. Right now we are doing something really special that meets this challenge that I want to share with you.

The Hero Project is the centerpiece of our systemwide focus this month and all of our schools are rolling out a lesson plan that allows each student to honor someone in their community who has dedicated their life to helping others during the COVID 19 pandemic.

I personally want to honor Joanne Moldt from Cresskill, NJ. I have known Joanne and her family for over fifteen years and she is the embodiment of a passionate healthcare provider. She has put her life at risk helping others as a critical care nurse at Englewood Medical Center and has never looked for accolades. Joanne gets her gratitude through helping others and I just wanted to let my community know that Joanne is my Hero and I will Honor her through our Hero Project.

If you would like to participate in The Hero Project, you can join our online classes today and work live with instructors in our Virtual Studio.

The Hero Project at One River School…art = gratitude.