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Humbled, Proud and Grateful


I am so proud of the work that my team is doing at One River. We are also extremely grateful for the support of our customers … One River is a small business and we are doing all we can to fight the fight. With your support, our Virtual Studio is already teaching hundreds people across our 13 locations. Teens, Kids and Adults have jumped in and it is allowing us to provide an important social, creative and therapeutic tool that is necessary right now.

I want to share a brief video that I shot describing our Virtual Studio program and I am so passionate about the experience we have developed. We are rolling out new class types every week and I urge you to escape the noise and jump in.

This experience has humbled us all and my optimistic view is we will be better off and have more compassion for the world around us when it is back to normal. Stay safe. Get engaged. Take your mind in a positive direction and Check out our Virtual Studio.

PS: The cool painting is by one of my favorite people and artists Katherine Bradford.