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per·spec·tive /pərˈspektiv/ Noun

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view

Last week, I met with my team at One River to help them sort through what was happening and hopefully add some calm and “perspective” for how to “view” this rapidly moving crisis. Today, I’m “the old guy” in the room and as I thought about what was happening and what I was going to say at that meeting, I reflected on my lifetime and the moments of greatest uncertainty that our country had been faced with, or the most tumultuous moments that were personal to me. I thought I would share some of those thoughts with you today.

It is my belief that this crisis is different. But not worse. Just different. It is the type of crisis that causes great uncertainty and as a result it is extra difficult because our brains are all wired to deal with uncertainty differently. Inevitably, “the battle between our ears” … managing our “individual perspective”, is the most important thing of all…on top of behaving in the most cautious way possible. And, for a guy who has spent his life trying to be the positive influence in the room, I am not going to change my stripes today.

I am so encouraged to see us mobilizing so fast and making such sacrifices…it is so heartening to see the effort, seriousness and intensity that has been demonstrated. Yesterday, I decided to close all of our schools this week and at the request of one franchise school, we have agreed to allow a test on a unique micro education experience that some customers were requesting and deemed to be safer. We are also working to mobilize an interactive online class module and I hope to have this available to our community by next week.

One River was built to be an “escape” from the noise and it saddens me that today it is harder to provide that to our community. We are a small business…no big corporate investors…just passionate patrons who decided to help me bring our service to people in a variety of communities. It is times like this that forces me to reflect and add new “personal perspective” for why we do what we do. I truly feel that creative education is the greatest way to “broaden perspective” and I am hopeful that all of you are safe and working on the optimism that is required to deal with this.

I hope to share “thoughts” more frequently to help all of you through this.

Much love to all.