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What a Weekend on Long Island!


We opened our 13th school this weekend in Port Jefferson Station, New York and it was an overwhelming success! Hundreds of people stopped in, participated in workshops, and helped us take the wrapper off this gorgeous new location.

Teens, Adults and Kids of all ages created Manga, Digital Art, Collage, Paintings, Drawings, Print Projects and celebrated artwork by amazing artists like Yayoi Kusama, Mary Heilmann and others. There is such an appetite for authentic experiences to grow and tap into your creative side. One River School is rapidly becoming the place of choice across America for arts education.

What makes us so special? The team of people that have joined our mission … we are blessed to have such passionate professionals working at One River. It takes a unique person to bring out the true creativity in others and I am so grateful for the team we have assembled on Long Island and across the country.

Thanks to all for believing in One River and joining us for this ride.