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Connecting Emerging Artists With Our Communities


When was the last time you visited a gallery that showed emerging artists’ work? Trick question! If you have been to any one of our schools recently you will have seen compelling artwork in our gallery spaces that embody the “art of today”.

When I started One River, among the most important drivers for me was to provide a place where artists could show their work AND connect with our students. It seemed so clear that if we could demystify artmaking by getting professionals to talk about their careers and their experiences, more people would be interested in contemporary art by virtue of having a chance to get under the hood and learn directly from artists.

This past weekend, Heidi Howard came out to our Englewood, NJ location to talk about artmaking and our students loved the experience! Heidi teaches at Columbia University, shows her work around the world and recently completed a museum exhibition in New York. It was so cool to see her so genuinely interested in our students. It provided such a compelling moment for people to simply engage and learn more.

This year we will present almost 40 exhibitions of wonderfully curated artwork across our network of schools. Behind each of the shows is a thoughtful and hard-working artist who cares about what One River is doing as well.

Stop in, Look, Learn and Grow…your brain and soul will love you for taking the ride.