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Coming Together Around the Super Bowl


There is nothing that can make up for the unbelievably sad week we just endured. Kobe. Coronavirus. Impeachment. Not sure how many things to add to this list but I am so aware that we all needed a reset for just a moment or two. Yesterday I had some friends over and personally needed a little more community in my house. The Super Bowl provided for one day, and it almost always does, a moment to be less serious and less intense about everything that is not working.

Remember one month ago, we jumped into a new year and a new decade with a ton of resolutions and resolve? Trust me…I am the king of trying to “figure it out” and my lifetime mantra has always been “moving forward” … a theme that has helped me to “get unstuck” and to focus on how to get to a better place.

So, the plan for a short-term better place for me yesterday was with my wife and friends…without any extraneous inertia… fun, smiles, some football and less intensity. It really helped. Every day I wake up grateful but not all days are built the same. We only control so much and the space between our ears is perhaps the hardest of all areas to control. That is one of the things I love about creative development…art, music or anything else. It is mind expanding and allows for escape, a better sense of self and builds a more adaptable mind. This is what I am trying to do with One River…help people to grow and learn to think and behave differently.