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Digital Art and Design Revolution


I had an aha moment last week. While traveling to our schools to view our student exhibitions, I took time to pop into our classrooms to observe. Something really cool and organic is developing that I need to share.

While I am convinced that we have built the most fun and compelling art program for all ages, I am now completely certain that we are doing this in the digital art and design space too. Look at these kids! Look at these outcomes! We are teaching them at a very young age to build the analog skills of drawing AND the foundational knowledge that allows them to apply it to the digital space.

This is so valuable since it connects creative thinking with a world of long-term possibilities and allows us to foster this development in kids starting at 3rd grade. Our digital class menu is growing for kids and teens and we are making a real difference in their lives. Our digital design summer camps are another way to allow kids and teens to experience what we do in a one-week program that is really special.

Who says art school isn’t important???