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The One Thing That Matters


Health. Happiness. Hope.

Okay, that’s three things, but around the holidays I am allowed to bundle a few items into one package 🙂 I want to share a bit of my recipe for the holiday season and the new year.

We all move so fast all year, but now is the time to slow down and reset. Reflect on what you are doing for yourself and how well you are doing for others. Make a list for each…you will be shocked what you learn if you do this.

Health…I do an inventory on where I stand relative to a year ago. Nutrition, exercise, mental well-being and so on. Am I growing and learning??? First and foremost, I need to be feeling great to do great for others.

Speaking of others, are you spreading happiness? Listening. Caring. Sharing. It takes work and the world needs each of us to spread happiness through thoughtful engagement.

Hope. How can things get much better next year? Be aspirational! If you don’t have ambitious goals how can you dramatically improve things? Destination leads to Plan which leads Execution.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has added value to the One River community. It is so powerful to see the work that we are doing and the joy that we are spreading and I am grateful to our students, teachers, staff, customers, community and partners.

My hope is that 2020 kicks off a new decade that is filled with joy and a better sense of what drives that outcome.